Before You Begin

If you haven't already, check out our Intro to OffSIte for Site Owners article that covers some of the ways OffSite help you generate new revenue with existing audiences. If you'd like to know how OffSite makes your audiences available for retargeting by advertisers, have a look at How Audience Sharing Works.

What You'll Need

As an audience owner, you need only need a few things to get up and running: 

  1. A Google Ads account 
  2. At least one audience list in your Google Ads Account. This can be set up directly using a Google Ads tag or created using an audience source like Google Analytics, YouTube and more.
  3. Your Google Ads account should be set to allow remarketing list access. We've got a quick guide on changing this setting here.
  4. A Stripe Account. OffSite uses Stripe to pay site owners allow them to manage their subscriptions, pricing, discounts, and more. 

Account Setup

Step 1: Sign in with a Google account with access to your Google Ads account

Click the button below or visit

You'll be prompted to select a Google Account to use with OffSite. Make sure that the account you select has access to the Google Ads account you'd like to share audiences from. Google will confirm that you're allowing OffSite to read and write to your Google Ads account settings.

From there you'll be sent directly to OffSite's Preflight Check page.

Step 2: Preflight Check

OffSite performs a "preflight check" for new site owners to make sure users create accounts with a usable Google account.

This page will have one of three outcomes:

  • All checks passed: you're now ready to select a Google Ads account
  • Some checks passed: OffSite found one or more Google Ads accounts, but none of them had audience lists that are usable in the Marketplace. This is usually because you still need to create an audience list in Google Ads. You may also need to create an audience source before you create this list.
  • No checks passed: OffSite couldn't find any Google Ads accounts connected to the Google account you logged in with. If you simply chose the wrong account, no worries, press the "Try Another Account" button to go back to the Google account selection screen. If you did choose the right account, this generally means you just don't have access to (or don't yet have) a Google Ads account. You'll want to create a new Ads account or have someone add you to an existing account. (Bear in mind, it can take a few minutes after being added to an account for OffSite to successfully confirm access. If the preflight check still fails, try again a few minutes later.)

Once all checks are passing, you'll see all available Ads accounts and the available audiences listed under each. Select the one you'd like to use by pressing "Use This Google Ads Account".

Step 3: Profile Information

After selecting a Google Ads account, you'll be asked for some basic information about you and your business. The company logo, screenshot, and description will help advertisers know who you are and why your audiences are of interest.

You'll also be able to choose to have OffSite automatically accept the management request on your behalf. OffSite will request "management access" via Google Ads so that you can share specific audiences through the app to trusted advertisers. 

If you'd like to manually accept the request, no worries, you'll just need to keep an eye for the request email from Google and grant access via the link they provide. If you instead opt to automatic accept, you'll receive two emails in rapid succession, one stating that access has been requested and another saying that access has been granted. In either case, the access request email generally arrives within 24 hours.

🎉 Congrats, you now have a site owner account on OffSite! Next, let's set up your first audience.

Step 4: Audience Setup 

If you haven't done so already, make sure you've toggled "Remarketing List Access" on in your Google Ads Account. Here's our quick guide on how to do this.

If this isn't toggled, OffSite won't be able to connect your audience to advertisers, even if you can see your audience in OffSite.

Once you've confirmed that setting, head back to OffSite. After completing your profile, you were redirected to your dashboard. From here or from the Audiences page, you'll find an "Add An Audience" button.

You'll see all of the audiences available on the next page with some helpful details to make sure you're selecting the correct audience. Click "Select This Audience" on the one you'd like to choose and then enter a name and description. You can use the name automatically pulled from Google Ads, but in most cases this is automatically generated name that isn't very enticing to advertisers. Make sure to add a description that helps explain what makes your audience special.

After the basic info has been saved, you'll be able to add pricing, demographic data and more. If you haven't done so already, you'll see a prompt on the next page to connect your Stripe account. Once Stripe is connected, you'll want to create a product and at least one subscription plan in the Stripe Subscriptions Dashboard. Next, click "Edit" on your audience back in OffSite and copy the plan id from Stripe into the new plan field and press "Add Plan". This will copy data about the Stripe plan over to your OffSite audience. You can add multiple plans to an audience, which is useful for offering bulk discounts for longer billing intervals. For example, offering "$1000 a month" and "$2700 every three months" gives advertisers increased flexibility.

It's recommended that you offer some number of days as a free trial on your audience as well. This can be done via the plan settings in Stripe. OffSite will load your plan's free trial data and indicate the trial period to advertisers. This can help draw in advertisers who aren't quite sure if your audience is the right fit.

Finally, you'll want to add some demographic data. In the audience's edit page, click "Add New Chart". OffSite currently supports stack bar charts. These charts are flexible for displaying arbitrary data. Once you've added charts, press "Save" at the top of the page.  The first chart will always display in the smaller audience "card" in the OffSite Marketplace and the remaining charts will appear throughout the audience's full page in the Marketplace. Below is an example of how the stack bar charts appear in your audience's page.

Congrats, your audience is set up!

Next Steps 

While you set up your audience's details, OffSite is working in the background to establish the connections necessary to make the audience available to potential advertisers. This process generally takes less that 24 hours, and you'll receive an email when your audience is full connected and available in the Marketplace. In the mean time, if you have any questions, reach out to us via Intercom. We're excited to help you get up and running 😄

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