Privacy, especially when it comes to customer data, is held in the highest degree of importance to us here at OffSite - privacy is paramount. In fact, the original idea for this product was born out of multiple conversations with audience owners who didn't want to sell their data or share their ad platform pixels—and had limited options for monetization as a result. 

Most audience marketplaces operate on the paradigm of data brokerage: there is a transaction involving actual cookies (or even real customer data). With OffSite, all audience data stays within Google Ads.

What Audience Data Does OffSite Store? 

OffSite only stores Google's audience ID, the ID of the account that belongs to it, and basic information about the audience name, description, size, and type. That's it! Most of this data is simply used to help the site owner distinguish which audience they're connecting to OffSite. All other data is stored in Google Ads and all visualizations are generated by Google Data Studio. This allows OffSite to facilitate the connection and use of the audience with just a modicum of meta data. No other audience data enters our product or touches our servers.

GDPR, CCPR and OffSite

Our compliance team works hard to ensure that all of our audience owners meet the requirements of consumer data privacy regulations. If you have any questions at all, email us at [email protected].

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