As an advertiser, your goal is to find the perfect audience—the people who value what you're selling and will give you money for it. 

We'd guess that you've tested some or all of the following in your quest:  

  • Display advertising (perhaps with custom intent and specific placements) 
  • On-site or newsletter advertising with relevant publishers
  • Various ad networks (AdRoll, Criteo, Bidvertiser, boutique private networks)
  • Retargeting tools 
  • Purchasing audience access via pixel sharing
  • Purchasing actual data (lists, DMPs, etc.)

One channel that's difficult to leverage is 2nd-party audiences. Pixel sharing and shared audiences on Facebook are limited because the owners want to retain control. 2nd-party data marketplaces are expensive and actually operationalizing the data you do buy is complicated (and requires buying more software). 

Direct access to 2nd-party audiences 

OffSite gives you direct access to 2nd-party audiences, directly from the owner. OffSite leverages Google Ads retargeting capability and the Google Display Network to deliver your ads directly to an owners audience. (Learn more about the mechanics of how this works in this article.) 

In other words, OffSite gives you the ability to directly retarget another site's audience on the Google Display Network. As an advertiser, this functionality gives you: 

  • Retargeting's higher ROI, but with a highly-qualified 2nd-party audience
  • The ability to run ads against 2nd-party audience without having to buy, rent or deal with any customer data
  • Speed to launch: begin running ads against 2nd-party audiences in only a few hours

Want to jump in? Learn how to get started as an advertiser. 

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