How site traffic is typically monetized without OffSite 

If you own a site or media property and would like to monetize your traffic, you typically have a limited number of options for generating revenue. 

For example, if you own an eCommerce site, you certainly make revenue from selling things. Beyond that, there are some common place to show advertisements, generally referred to as ad inventory. Monetizing this usually involves one or more of these: 

  • Sell on-site ad inventory
  • Sell newsletter ad inventory if you have a mailing list
  • Sell sponsored or featured content
  • Set up a paywall/subscription of some sort
  • Sell access to your ad pixels
  • Sell your actual customer data (which many site owners are unwilling to do, for very good reason, not the least of which is recent privacy laws like GDPR and CCPR)

Aside from paywalls/subscriptions, in each of the cases mentioned above, you as a site owner are essentially selling access to your audience—mostly in the form of direct access (on-site, in newsletter, sponsored content, etc.). 

The challenge is that your actual options for audience access as a site owner are limited, especially if you don't want to sell your data and want to control the ads that your audience sees. Even if you stick to showing ads on your site, you're still limited by amount of screen real estate you can devote to ads.

OffSite opens a new revenue stream for your audience

OffSite gives you, as a site owner, an additional option to offer advertisers: access to your audience off site, via retargeting on the Google Display Network. Site owners can make their retargeting audience available for trusted advertisers on the OffSite marketplace. Advertisers pay a recurring fee (set by you as the site owner) for access and create ad campaigns in OffSite for the audiences they've paid for. Rather than advertisers paying for ad space on your site, they pay for access to run retargeted ads to your users across the web on the Google's Display Network. (Learn more about the mechanics of how this works in this article.)

In other words, as a site owner, OffSite gives you as an audience owner an additional revenue stream by allowing you to monetize value you've already created. It's worth stopping and re-stating that: you can add additional revenue without changing anything, leveraging existing inventory on the Google Display Network.

The best part is that you don't have to share your pixel or your customer data—you keep everything. OffSite acts as the intermediary between your audience and the advertisers, making sure that you control access, pricing, and volume. 

Have an audience list that would be a great fit as well as audiences you'd rather not share? No problem. Share only the particular audiences you want to with OffSite, and only reveal demographic data you specifically choose to share.

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