At the most basic level, OffSite is a marketplace that enables sites or online media properties to share their audiences with advertisers. Here's an overview of the process: 

  • Audience owners can make audiences available on the marketplace. The price is a monthly access fee paid by advertisers. 
  • Advertisers can request access to an audience, which the owner needs to approve. This ensures that audience owners can protect their brand by controlling who advertises to their audience.
  • Once approved, the advertiser pays the monthly access fee and can begin running campaigns against the audience — all through OffSite. 

As simple as that sounds, it's worth asking, "why would a site or advertiser want to use a marketplace like OffSite?" That's a great question, especially if you run or own a site or are an advertiser. 

Here's what our members find most valuable about OffSite: 

For site owners: 

  • Overcome revenue limitations of on-site advertising and newsletter sponsorships
  • Drive additional revenue without selling your data or spamming your audience
  • Control who runs ads to your audience

For advertisers: 

  • Access specific, 2nd-party audiences that were previously unavailable
  • Drive higher ROI through 2nd-party retargeting
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